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wax | tint | lash

brow shaping | 25

brow shaping + tint | 40

brow lamination + tint | 110

lash lift + tint | 105

lash tint | 25

lip wax | 12

nose | 12

underarm | 25



enzyme 1 treatment | 185

DMK enzyme treatment is designed to enhance optimal skin function. It hydrolyzes dead cell build up, increases oxygenation and collagen production. enzyme 1 is everyone's first treatment as it is good for all skin conditions.

enzyme 2 treatment  | 200

DMK enzyme 2 treatment acts as a muscle contractor, skin tightener, and tissue strengthener. enzyme 2 is good for aging, rosacea, vascular and immune disorders, and inflammatory weakened skin conditions. 

muscle banding | 225

muscle banding is the key formulation for anti-aging. it causes oxygenation of the tissue, muscle contraction which stimulates muscle regeneration, and stimulates collagen production.


6,8, and 12 week programs are available for DMK treatments designed to target a specific skin condition.

at least one DMK at home product must be purchased at the time of a treatment as maintaining optimal skin function at home is imperative to lasting results.

dermaplane pro express facial | 100

perfect for the client on the go. this 45 minute treatment includes a cleanse, prep, dermaplane, & finishing.

dermaplane pro facial | 125

this 75 minute treatment includes a cleanse, prep, dermaplane, extractions, mask, massage, & finishing.


events (non-bridal) | 90

brides - please contact to inquire about your wedding date availability and pricing.

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